Researching a Topic

In order to write a strong and relevant resolution, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the topic at hand.

Below you will find a diagram with major steps involving the topic research process.

The three most important things to keep in mind when researching a topic are:

Read background guides (if available)

These guides are normally written by the dais and provide an initial overview over the topic. The information in the background guide provides delegates not only with some basics facts, but also where the dais wants debate to flow. Guides often suggest further sources for future research.

Independent research

This should be the bulk of your research. Be sure to consider carefully the reliability of each source you come across. If you believe a source to be biased, still considerate it. It it goes against your nation’s position, try to think of counterarguments to the proposals in the source. If it shares the same position as your country, consider how to build upon and further solidify its arguments.

Keep up with news

Somethings happen suddenly. Make sure you keep up with current events so that during the conference you aren’t surprised by any “breaking news” that changes or weakens your country’s position. Google Alerts is a great tool to keep up with current events.

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