Researching a Country

In order to accurately be able to represent a country, it is imperative that you know it and its positions thoroughly. The “Country Profiles” section includes a detailed profile of each member nation that allows you quickly get the key facts and figures about the nation you are researching.

Below you will find images which illustrate all the necessary information you should research in order to ensure  you know your country well.

When researching countries, some of the most helpful and reliable sources are official government press releases, articles, or speeches. They provide a clear position for your country. If the government articles are biased, even better! That will help you better understand how to represent your country and how the government you are representing expresses itself in the international community

Basic Information

Memorize the basic, essential information about your nation. For most nations, you’ll likely already know all this information, but if your country is smaller, you may be need to look this up.

Politics & Government

Now, look into how the country is run. How did the current political leaders ascend to power? Does your nation have any major affiliations or dependencies with other nations or organizations? What role, if any, does religion play in governing the country?

Geographic, Cultural, and Social Aspects

Does the country have access to the sea? Is it significantly larger or smaller than its bordering nations, considering both surface area and population? What is the population density? Consider also social indicators, such as the literacy and poverty rates for you to better understand the level of development of the nation. Finally, consider the major religions and ethnic groups, analyzing how they interact.


How is the country’s economy at the moment? Who are its major trade partners and what do they import and export? Does the government play a strong role in the economy or does it endorse free markets? Does your country rely mostly on commodities, industry, or other things?


What are the nation’s major sources of energy and how much energy does the nation consume? Is it actively depleting its natural resources? If so, how long are these estimated to last? Did the country sign on to and follow the Paris Accords and other major climate agreements? How much CO2 does the country produce?

Influence &  Military

How many international organizations does your country participate in? How are the nation’s major allies and competitors? When did the nation join the United Nations and in what organs does it have representation? Does the nation have nuclear capabilities and, if so, are these allowed under the Non Proliferation Treaty? How expansive are the nation’s military capabilities?


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